There will have to make a digression and tell how to make modern dolls. No, now we will not describe the process this is the topic of a separate article. Here we will speak about the organization of the process itself and about who is making Russian souvenirs today. When was the first nesting doll made? Answer this question accurately is not possible but you can obviously get an overview here.

Here, as probably in any other industry, there are two types of manufacturers, home-workers, knee pads and factories. The latter in Russia can be counted on the fingers of an alien, since there are very few of them left a couple in the Nizhny Novgorod region, Vyatka, Sergiev-Posad and another small enterprise in the Kostroma province. The products of these enterprises are of very high quality and price and are kept mainly on government orders. The volume of production of handicrafts is not very high.

But home-based production or perhaps it would be more appropriate to say the craft is booming. This is primarily due to the low cost of the process the “artist” can paint the nesting dolls in his free time, attract home ones. He works at home, at a convenient time.

Now the main question: who is this master?

Yes, this is a former employee of the very factories that ordered to live long after the hot 90s, and then the next generation the grandmother worked in a factory, and now works in a tent as a saleswoman, and in the evenings she ripples nesting doll the old memory, and even a daughter and granddaughter taught. So they sit in the evenings in the light of the torch, ugh energy-saving lamps in the same Russian outback. The blanks of dolls the pigs themselves the son-in-law sharpens on a lathe made of a washer motor.

So what am I doing? Returning to the issue of quality! From the above, one important conclusion follows, Most of the people calculating matrixes are not professional artists. Therefore, it is not necessary to wait for any masterpiece excesses in terms of drawing from our products.

We are often asked the question that why is the nested doll of the same size, consisting of five dolls, standing differently? The answer is very simple; it’s all about drawing quality. But let’s not gossip and consider everything with an example. Here are two dolls from our catalog:

One of the symbols of Russia is the nesting doll. This may not be a toy doll for football, or a squishy toy that talks, but this is the most recognizable and favorite souvenir, often acquired by tourists. Only a Russian samovar, balalaika, black caviar, honey from Siberian forests can make up the competition for a painted beauty. Every year, foreign tourists are looking for this wonderful doll in stores and at fairs to bring a piece of Russia to their country is a pleasant memory of their journey.

An interesting fact: a wooden action doll toy with a painting is acquired not only by foreign tourists, but it is also very popular among the Russians themselves. Although there is nothing surprising here, because the quality-made figures look great in any interior: in living rooms and work rooms and in the nursery it is a fun toy for the baby. It is also used in the form of an original key chain for keys, a common use of nesting doll accessory.

Useful tips on choosing dolls

Want to buy a souvenir and look for a painted nesting doll? In this case, you will find information on what you should pay attention to in order to buy not just a colorfully painted doll, but really a high-quality product. As a rule, the cost of such a toy is much higher, than those angry bird squishy toys, but, as practice shows, it is not always possible to use this rule when buying. Often, enterprising salespeople set inflated prices for low-quality products. Especially often this happens in those places where there are a large number of visitors from abroad. Find more tips at

How do you still get a good quality souvenir nesting doll? Note the important nuances:

The number of figures in the doll: High quality painted beauty can hold up to ten dolls of different sizes. If you are shown a product in which there are 3 – 5 pupae, you should not buy such products.

The quality of the material (wood), which is used for the manufacture of toys: High quality raw materials have no cracks and gaps. If there are such flaws, then the souvenir will quickly lose its attractive appearance, as it begins to crack. But the presence of dark spots will not affect the life of the dolls, as they remain in the place where the knots were removed and polished.

The quality of painting: On the product there should be no defects in the form of sagging, voids, loss of varnish, color saturation.

As you can see, it is not difficult to choose a high-quality souvenir nesting doll. The main thing is to consider the copy you like and remember our advice.

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