For many decades, baubles do not go out of fashion. And today this ornament does not lose its popularity. On the contrary, there are new trends and varieties of bracelets, you can actually see many of these from This cute accessory is called the friendship bracelet. It is traditionally considered to be his representatives of the younger generation although it is often possible to see it among young fashionistas and fashionistas of all ages. So, gradually, this original thing turned into a stylish and fashionable accessory.

What are Best Friend Bracelets? What are they like? How to do it yourself? We will answer these and other questions in this article.

What is it?

Surely many at one time were fond of weaving colored baubles, gave them to friends or received from friends. It is this jewelry and there are bracelets of friendship. This is very symbolic, since true friendship will forever unite people like a bundle. There is an opinion that bracelets, woven from threads, originated in Indian culture. Ostensibly Indians exchanged them as a sign of special feelings. It was necessary to wear this jewelry until it is worn out.

After some time, baubles became a kind of hippie symbol. This bright, original attribute perfectly expressed the image of a hippie. In addition, the bracelets contained the same meaning as the Indians. They were donated to loved ones as a sign of special love, respect or friendship. Selling baubles was not accepted.

Gradually, friendship bracelets tightly entered the daily lives of many young people. They weave independently, create interesting patterns, and give to girlfriends and friends. Usually bracelets are made paired. The exchange of such accessories symbolizes friendship, strong as knots in a bracelet. This accessory can be worn with any clothes. Friendship baubles with jeans or bright dresses and sundresses look especially good.

Today’s baubles are slightly different from the first models. They have come a long way of cultivation, so they look diverse, extraordinary and stylish. Masters for work usually use floss threads. You can replace them with waxed cords or satin ribbons. Color and pattern here also have a certain meaning. One thing remains unchanged – the principle of weaving such jewelry is the technique of macramé.

Many men do not wear bracelets, considering this accessory mainly female. However, it is now men’s bracelets are becoming increasingly popular. What they are, how to choose your and wear it correctly in our material.

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New trend

Men’s bracelets are a trend that is becoming more and more popular every year. Among the accessories for the stronger sex, they rank third after hours and cuff links. Bracelets are a symbol of masculinity and a reflection of character. Even psychologists confirm that the directness and conciseness that is hidden in the men’s bracelets, bewitches women’s views. Just avoid bracelets with seashells on them. So it is important to try matching bracelets with your outfit.

Men’s bracelets: styles and materials

Men’s bracelets can be made in completely different styles. They are characterized by elegant simplicity, restraint and minimalism. As a rule, these accessories are made of silver, leather, steel, gold, stone, or combine several materials at once. At the same time, the more expensive the material from which the bracelet is made, the more solid it looks. However, it is not worth buying accessories that do not match your position and status. Bracelets should match the style of the man’s clothes and his character, and not be a flashy or inappropriate piece of the image. Other designing techniques in bracelets have become popular. Try to see online stores for a wide-range of varieties.

How to wear bracelets?

Men’s bracelets can be worn one at a time or several. The main thing is that they are combined with each other and fit the style of their owner. Bracelets can also be combined with a watch. In this case, you should pay attention to the color of all accessories, watches, cuff links and a wedding ring. If they are made of metals of the same color, then this is quite appropriate, and if they differ from each other, it is better to reconsider your choice. Moreover, the wrong bracelet can spoil the impression of even the most expensive watches.

An important detail to note is bracelets made from metals can damage the surface of your watch case. To avoid such trouble and keep the accessory safe and sound, wear two bracelets at the same time, one is metal, the other is leather. Leather must necessarily be between the watch and a bracelet made of metal. Only by wearing accessories in such a sequence, you can experiment with your style without unpleasant consequences.

Versatile in a business dress code are men’s leather bracelets, which are perfectly combined with the watch. The color of the bracelet should be matched in color to the watch bracelet. In this embodiment, men’s bracelets can be worn both in the morning and in the evening.

Silver and steel bracelets can also be considered universal. They are not limited to the rules of etiquette too strictly. These accessories are perfect for business and sports style. They are comfortable, practical, and stylish and at the same time symbolize masculinity and brevity. If these bracelets are decorated with engraving or stones, then they are transferred to the category of festive decorations.

Men’s gold bracelets look beautiful and rich. They must be in harmony with the clock in color and style. However, these accessories are not always and everywhere are appropriate. According to the rules of etiquette, they are usually put on at evening and ceremonial events. There is a slight nuance bracelets can be seen, but should not be heard. If the bracelets, made in the form of chains, make a distinctive sound, this is considered bad form.

It is interesting

In ancient times, men’s bracelets were considered not just an accessory. For many nations, they symbolized the courage and maturity of a man, as well as his readiness for battle. Warriors wore bracelets not only on their wrists, but also decorated their forearms and even the ankles of their legs to protect them from the arrows of their enemies. Very often, bracelets were decorated with various symbols and served as amulets. Already later, bracelets became an indicator of wealth: they were worn mostly by rich and noble people, thus demonstrating their status and belonging to a certain circle.